Theatro's Jesse Montgomery to speak at SpeechTek 2015!

Jesse Montgomery, Theatro's very own speech expert, will be speaking at SpeechTek 2015 in New York City! Jesse is Senior Speech Scientist at Theatro, responsible for speech recognition and a key player in providing the virtual assistant that enables the "heads up, hands free" Theatro wearable. Before joining Theatro, Jesse was part of the Convergys Professional Services Organization, designing and tuning speech recognition applications for industries such as health care, telecommunications, utilities, and banking/finance management. 
SpeechTek is the largest industry conference for everything related to speech technologies and innovation, recognized worldwide as a leading source of news, information, and analysis related to the speech technology industry. Jesse will be speaking on the panel "The How and Why of Speech Application Tuning" as part of the Designing Voice Interactions track. You can learn more about the SpeechTek conference at 

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Great article from about how enterprise wearables like the Theatro Communicator are ushering in the next generation of retail.

The Theatro “retail operations solution” — which uses a combination of voice-activated wearables, Wi-Fi, and indoor positioning to let employees find and connect with one another on the sales floor — bears an unmistakable resemblance to a certain sci-fi communicator badge. With tap- and voice-activated features to connect employees one-on-one or in preset groups, and automatic responses to queries like “Where is Alice?” and “Who is in housewares?”, Theatro’s system might as well be marketed as Store Trek.