Why the Connected Workforce Matters

We live in a digitally connected world. Technology has empowered consumers to the point where they expect instant access to products and services, anytime, anywhere. And they expect the associates to provide them eye-to-eye contact and readily available useful information. But:

Only 19% of customers believe the store associate is the best resource for information*

Why so low? Without mobile access to necessary information, Associates struggle to meet this expectation. Theatro provides a solution. Our voice virtual assistant connects associates, enabling them to answer any question quickly and accurately.

Retailers who connect their associates see results

Increase Sales

Theatro drove a 7% a lift in loyalty registration for a leading home goods retailer. Incremental gain of $87mm annually.

Drive Productivity

Reduced 85% of ear chatter. Employees saved 12% of time with improved communication.

Elevate Associates

91% of associates agree that Theatro helps them serve customers better. 53% strongly agree.

Improve Service

Associate response time improved 77%. Faster response at the register leads to less abandonment and happier customers.



Communication Challenges

Retail Employee

Challenge:  Needing a solution for their hourly employees to quickly and efficiently communicate with each other, instantly connect to their store management, receive regular updates from HQ personnel and access critical information from the BI systems in their store, all the while keeping their “head-up and hands-free” focused on staying on the store floor serving customers.

Solution:  Theatro’s intelligent personal assistant and voice-controlled mobile app platform includes a communication app that connects every employee, resulting in decreasing customer wait times and significantly improving store execution. 

Operational Benefit:  Re-claim labor hours by connecting all store employees and managing / recovering time from unconnected associates through advanced communication capabilities. 


Finding the Expert To Make The Sale

Finding Experts

Challenge:  Employees needing to locate in-store expertise to drive conversion and providing store management a better way to ensure adequate floor coverage throughout the day for maximum customer service. 

Solution:  Theatro’s intelligent personal assistant and voice-controlled mobile app platform includes an indoor location App enables team members and management to find specific employees by name, expertise and location to optimize floor coverage and team sales. Providing the benefit of quickly connecting customers with in-store experts to drive conversation, ensures that all store zones are sufficiently covered to provide excellent customer service, and coordinates the sales team for maximum effectiveness.

Operational Benefit: Top line sales through immediate assistance to drive conversion.


Employee On Boarding & On Going Training

Challenge:  The store on-boarding process requires a significant investment of leadership time as the store manager and co-managers are responsible for delivering every new hire training and orientation. The current training process requires managers, co-managers and sales leads to spend precious time away from the sales floor where they have the most impact on the business results. 

Solution:   The Theatro platform can deliver new hire training content directly in the ear of the new hire that they can access by using configurable training commands specific to the type of training required.  For instance, a series of commands can be created to take a new hire through Bloomingdales Outlet customer experience training, Point of Sale training, product training, or even a self-guided tour through the store without the help of anyone from the leadership team.

Operational Benefit: Re-claimed labor hours through improved new employee on boarding capabilities at reduced cost of delivery.


Setting Store Daily Direction

Challenge: A percentage of store employees who work in the late morning, afternoon and evening, never participate in a “morning huddle” and as a result, must take time away from the selling floor to read the daily memo from the bulletin board to understand store goals and direction.  If the employee does not take the time or can not due to scheduling, store employees don’t understand store key store goals and potentially feel disconnected from the store mission.

Solution:  The Theatro platform enables the ability for Store Management to record the Morning Huddle and once recorded, the message is sent to every employees “Earbox”  similar to an email inbox and ensures that every employee receives the Morning Huddle regardless of the time they begin their shift. 

Operational Benefit: Staff motivation and overall team productivity through increased, relevant communication and improved store coordination.    


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