We’ve created the world’s first intelligent personal assistant and voice-controlled mobile app platform designed for the forgotten hourly employee. The IoT mobile end point allows employees to find each other by name, expertise, or even their location on the sales floor and speak directly into their earbud by tapping the device, and saying "Hello [insert name]." Our suite of workforce productivity applications work in conjunction with a retailer's order management system, allowing for real-time inventory or price checks. Our solution helps companies:

  • Provide a personalized in-store customer experience.
  • Decrease customer wait times.
  • Connect regional leaders to their teams.
  • Gain insights on store performance.
  • Optimize in-store fulfillment and omnichannel sales.  
  • Boost employee productivity 10-30%.


SaaS Solution

Buy the service, not the hardware.
Hardware is not immortal. Even with perfect use—no bumps, no drops, no dives into shallow water—daily wear and tear will eventually break a device down. Knowing that you’ll have to replace employee devices drives up the cost of introducing new technology, and can make it difficult to justify ROI. 
At Theatro, we provide software as a service (SaaS) in a per-employee subscription format. This means that you subscribe to our service, and that’s it. We provide the mobile end points and cover the cost. If a mobile end point breaks, we fix it. If you decide to end service, it’s as simple as canceling your subscription—no hardware costs to cover.
  • No software maintenance or daily upkeep required
  • Scalable solution that can support millions of users
  • World-class security at every level of the operation
  • Simple to manage
  • Elimination of technology risk and hardware purchasing costs—you buy the service, not the hardware


Enterprise IoT Mobile End Point

Small, but mighty.

Smaller than a car key fob and weighing just 1.5oz, the Theatro Communicator was designed with hourly employees in mind. Its simple, voice-controlled AI interface takes employees’ attention off their device and back to what they’re doing. With Theatro's intelligent personal assistant and voice-controlled mobile app platform, they can call for backup, check inventory, locate a manager, and simply communicate with a team member—enabling them to do more, better.

  • No hardware costs
  • 6-8 hour battery life
  • Voice-controlled interface
  • Discreet—clips easily onto belt loop or collar
  • Wi-Fi enabled


Collaboration Applications

Communicate and collaborate in the store and across the enterprise.
By connecting store and regional management, hourly employees, and corporate resources, Theatro eliminates the challenges associated with outdated communication technology. Employees can have one-to-one conversations, share expertise, find product information, support one another, and guide new teammates without having to stop what they’re doing. Every employee will be able to answer any question, even on their first day. 
No more disruptive overhead paging. No more distracting broadcasts on two-way radios (that end up being “tuned out” most of the time, anyway). No more walking to find who you need, when you need them. Just open, effortless communication. 
  • One to One
  • One to Group
  • Broadcasts
  • HQ to store
  • Voice messages/EarBox
  • Announcements
  • Morning Huddle

EarBox, Content Distribution Manager, and Manager's Application

Connecting everyone, regardless of shift.
Most hourly employees don’t have a company email or voicemail, and hourly labor laws make it difficult to make sure they get the information they need if they’re off the clock. 
Enter Theatro’s EarBox, Content Distribution Manager, and Manager’s Application.
Think of the EarBox like voicemail. Each employee using Theatro has their own EarBox, accessible through a simple voice command while they’re in-store. With it, hourly employees can receive voice messages directly from fellow store employees, headquarters, and district and regional management without having to rely on the store manager to distribute the information.
With the EarBox, hourly employees can receive personal messages (“A customer came at closing yesterday to tell me what a great job you did, John! Thanks for being a valuable part of our team!”), messages from team members (“John, please help Jane in shoes when you’re finished with the customer.”), and corporate announcements (“We’re recalling all of Brand X’s products due to a manufacturing error. Please remove from inventory and prepare for an increase in returns.”). When they’re busy with a customer, messages to employees will automatically go to their EarBox and notify them of the receipt of a new message and who it’s from.
Content Distribution Manager 2.0
With our newest release of our content distribution manager 2.0, headquarters personnel can communicate directly to the ear of store employees, ensuring vital information is communicated across the enterprise. You can now build a library of voice messages that can be used over and over again, targeting any mix of associates with promotional messages, important local event, critical training protocols, or even pre-recorded emergency protocol messages for a variety of safety scenarios. Automate contextual, mission-critical messages into the ears of your team on the sales floor where it matters the most!
Manager's Application
Our Manager’s Application is a smartphone app that provides managers on the go with access to Theatro’s in-store capabilities. You can talk privately with individual employees, leave messages, update employees on important information, and provide direction while outside the store.

Indoor Location Application 

Find them when you need them.
Nobody likes to wait—and when it comes to customer service, just a minute can mean the difference between a sale and a bad review on social media. To reduce wait times—for both customers and employees—Theatro provides an Indoor Location Application that enables employees and store managers to quickly find each other on the floor. Better yet, the person they’re looking for doesn’t even have to respond. Theatro will tell whoever’s looking where they are, if they’re with a customer, and if they’re available to help—reducing customer wait time and ensuring adequate associate coverage in high-value locations.

Analytics Application 

Maximize store performance.
With yesterday's technology, it was difficult to identify top performers and understand why they’re doing well. In many cases, employee recognition was limited to those the manager could see in the moment—in other words, just being in the right place at the right time. Today is the dawn of a new age!
With Theatro, you’re given unprecedented insights into what your employees do, how they work as a team, and what makes them successful. Our Employee Analytics application measures social interaction data to understand what’s impacting productivity and who the top performers are. It then performs predictive analytics, enabling you to create a streamlined repeatable model that maximizes productivity.

Request and Respond Application

"Register backup. We need register backup!"
No more overhead announcements interrupting customer's in-store experience. No more frustrated customers who get more and more annoyed with every repeated call for help. With our 'Request and Respond' Application, employees can do more than immediately ask for help when they need it. They can know that their request will only be sent to the employees who can give them the help they need—whether carryout, register backup, or fitting room—and be immediately notified that help is on the way. Better yet, managers can see who responded and how quickly, enabling you to optimize store coverage and employee performance. 

SKU Lookup Application 

Making it easy to get what they need, when they need it.
“Can you look in the back?”
Anyone who has worked customer service can tell you: the magical organized back room with an extra of every item perfectly in its place doesn’t exist. What does exist is a crowded, often disorganized stock room where finding a specific item can take well over five minutes—three minutes more than most customers are willing to wait. 
With Theatro, employees can check inventory in their store instantly with a simple voice command. No more long waits, no more frustrated employees and customers. Not only that, but they can check inventory at other locations in their area, too—helping them to increase sales and provide better customer service than ever before.